Sofia Vergara- Single or Not?

BOO! Men all around the world are dying inside because of recent news that Sofia Vergara and her Nick Loeb are back together!! We knew it wouldn't last long, if it wasn't back to Loeb she would soon be snatched up by another man chomping at the bit to get with this Colombian beauty. Loeb and Vergara have been split for only a month, but are now being spotted around NYC acting like a couple again. Even though there were rumors that the relationship was always rocky, the two dated for two years and it's reported that Loeb was like a father to Vergara's son Manolo. These two obviously have history and great chemistry, so leaves us wondering why they took the effort to officialy split-only to get back together a month later. Come on Loeb, let someone else have a chance!! We are sure that Loeb has a hard time dealing with his girl being one of the most desired women on this planet, but he needs to be confident that she keeps his bed warm and not let this hottie go ever again.

Sofia New Face of Pepsi

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Well, kinda new, and kinda old! No, we are not accusing the sexy actress of looking old, we are referring to her hit Pepsi commercial she made 21 years ago at the age of 17 when she was still living in her native country Colombia. By the grace of God Vergara is partnering with the company again and has been snapped wearing a low cut, super tight blue bathing suit with a floppy sunhat as she works on the new campaign. The old commercial she did was for just regular Pepsi, but this new campaign is to promote the new 'skinny' Diet Pepsi can. Some eyebrows have been raised at how thin Vergara appears in some of these ad photos, but she assures us that no photoshopping was done to make her appear thinner than she was, responding to the controversy saying "That is not true at all. I saw the pictures, and now with technology, they're looking at it on the screen right after they take them. It was just a different way of dressing me." We have to side with Sofia on this one, since she is one of the few stars out there who is proud to not be stick thin and wears her curves with pride. Even though the blue bathing suit shows a ton of cleavage, it would have been nice to see her showing off a little more skin in a revealing two piece! She looks amazing for her age and should show it off as much as possible.

Sofia Vergara in 'New Years Eve'

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Sofia's latest role will be in the film 'New Years Eve', the sequel to the hit 'Valentine's Day', and is set to be released December 9 this year. This film, like it's prequel, has a TON of A-list actors that have all signed to join the cast. A few famous faces you can expect to see include Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert de Niro, Josh Duhamel, Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl.. the list goes on and on! The above photo is a shot that Vergara tweeted to her fans, a pic where she is standing alongside the director Gary Marshall. The 32-year old Latina was cast as a replacement for the character that Halle Berry was set to play, not sure how she fit into a role meant for Berry since the two actresses could not be more different. Speaking of differences, infamous tabloid Star magazine published a piece on an alleged on set feud between Heigl and Vergara! We are gonna bet there is no truth behind the story since it is Star, but it still makes you wonder. The mag reports that Vergara has had enough with Heigl's diva attitude, referencing a story where Heigl continually complained about shooting scenes outside in the cold and Sofia decided to call her out on her whining because she was sick and tired of it. Sofia has no tolerance for whiners when she feels lucky to have received the role in the first place. Moral of the story, Sofia Vergara was Colombia's sweetheart and is now America's sweetheart, we can't wait to see this flick!

Everything Sofia Vergara

We just can't get enough of this Colombian superstar! This sexy 32-year old is a mother to a son named Manolo who is 18 years old. Vergara got her first taste of stardom when she was spotted on a Colombian beach and has been rising to the top ever since. Americans know her best as 'Gloria' on the hit sitcom Modern Family. Her character is a spicy Latina who is married to a much older man, and the dynamic between the two is genius. Fun fact: Vergar is actually  naturally blonde, but dyed her hair dark brown to help characterize her as a stereotypical Latina. To the disappointment of men all across America, she is NOT single and has been dating Nick Loeb for quite some time. Vergara is at the top of her game, signing on to be the new face of Diet Pepsi, gracing the covers of magazines, starting up her own clothing line in partnership with Kmart, starring in films and one of the best shows on air today. Only a few shots of her clothes for her new line have been released, but so far so good. Instead of sitting back and letting others do it and slapping her name on the finished product, Sofia is very involved in the design and creation process and is even modelling most of the clothes herself! The line will feature lots of clothing ispired by her own wardrobe, so watch out for lots of tight leopard print! She shows no sign of slowing down and we love it!

Sofia Vergara Blond

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Sofia Vergara is a natural blond??? Who knew! Since she has become mega famous, the world has known her for her signature, flowing, beautiful long dark hair. She sure fooled us, since the native Colombian actually has naturally light hair and dyes it to make herself look more Latina. Honestly, who cares what color her hair is when she has a body like that! Blond or brunette, Sofia is one of the hottest women alive and we can't get enough of her.

Sofia Vergara Bikini

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Sofia Vergara is constantly photographed prancing around in teeny tiny bikinis and her fans love it. Sofia has some of the biggest tits in Hollywood and she loves to show them off, she has an amazing body considering she has had a kid and is 36 years old! There have been rumors that her breasts are fake, but in our opinion they couldn't look more real. It's too bad summer is coming to an end because there couldn't ever be too many pictures of the Colombian babe in a bikini. She was snapped by the paps during her Italian vacation this summer, check out the picture. We are anxiously awaiting the day there is a nipple slip and it gets caught on camera!

Sofia Vergara Nude